Our Story

Introducing Heylo Mg, a Mind, Body, Stress and Energy inspired brand designed with mental health in mind with Magnesium, being the pinnacle of our range. 

Inspired by mental health reasons, Heylo is the creation of Ally after experiencing a down period in her life. “2022 certainly hit me hard mentally, physically and emotionally. Life got the better of me and depression, stress and anxiety become a mountain to get over.”

Prioritizing mental wellbeing, Ally immersed herself with herbal tonics, adaptogens, superfoods and supplements. Magnesium was one vitamin that particularly stood out for her. The power of magnesium is what drove Ally to create Heylo. Infusing this important supplement amongst our daily water intake can be an optimal way to ensure we are providing our bodies with all it needs. 

Navigating life can be tough, and dealing with stress and anxiety can have a profound effect on our mental state. These challenges can impact our relationships, work performance, and financial burdens.

Recognizing the importance of health, wellness, rest, and relaxation in maintaining a sound mental state, our team aim to make it easier for you. Why not end of the day with a soothing glass of our Magnesium Sparkling Water as you prepare for a dreamy sleep or find solace at the end of the day. It can truly make a difference.